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Cold War East Germany

Visited over the course of 2016, this page lists Cold War sites that were located in the former state of the German Democratic Republic.

Wünsdorf, the former Soviet headquarters in East Germany. So large, it was named 'little Moscow'. Before that, a Nazi military camp. Today they are abandoned, although a proud statue of Lenin remains standing outside the main building.    

Vogelsang, the purpose built Soviet town of 15,000. It was, and remains, hidden in a woods in Brandenburg, just north of Berlin. The highly secretive and clandestine town was home to the long range nuclear missiles, trained on the capital’s of the West.  

The Fliegerschule in Jüterbog, used to train Nazi pilots of the Luftwaffe, prior to the outbreak of World War Two. Following the war, it was used to house Soldiers of the Soviet Red Army. Now abandoned, although the Soviet murals still abound.

Krampnitz, the abandoned Nazi and Soviet military barracks. The enormous former barracks are plastered with evocative imagery of the failed ideologies of the 20th century: from Soviet murals, to the Adler Eagle and Swaztika of the Nazi era.

Flugplatz Schönwalde, an airfield in Schönwalde, west of Berlin. Prior to the outbreak of World War Two, it used to train Nazi pilots of the Luftwaffe. Following the war, it was reoccupied by soldiers of the Soviet Red Army, and briefly housed MIGs.

The Löwen-Adler Kaserne in Elstal, near the former Olympic village of the 1939 Olympic Games. It housed soldiers of the Nazi Wehrmacht, and was the site where part of an infamous plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler was planned.  

Once a factory that produced uniforms for the Nazi Wehrmacht, then a Soviet barracks. Now empty, although the communist red star still hangs from above the entrance.  

Jüterbog, an old historical town in Brandenburg, south of Berlin, is surrounded by empty barracks that once belonged to the Prussians, the Nazis and then the Soviets. The Adolf Hitler Barracks is the name of the barracks pictured here.  

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