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There is an unwritten rule within urban exploring circles, that locations should be protected. Broadly speaking, I happen to agree with this principal. Should locations be pasted all over the internet, sites would be vulnerable to theft, vandalism and destruction. Prison H19, for example, used to be relatively easy to access. Given that it is also located in the middle of a large city, it was easy to get to. Hundreds — perhaps thousands — of people visited over the course of a few years. Sadly, late in 2016, a fire at the prison caused extensive damage. Since then, security at the prison has increased . It is now all but impossible to enter.


However, having said that, I am also aware that most of the military, Cold War sites will be demolished in the next few years. Therefore, I am willing to share location details with those who have a genuine interest. I personally think it scandalous that so little of the Cold War history in Germany is being kept. The Soviet murals, for example, are majestic. I want as many people to see these sites before it's too late. So, should anyone have any interest in knowing the whereabouts of the urban exploring locations listed on this site, please contact me using the form below.    

Urban Exploring Locations

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