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Cultural Centre Zelenograd 
Культурный центр Зеленоград

Opened on the 17th of April 17, 1983, the Culture Centre in Zelenograd quickly became one of the city’s most important locations. Its unique architectural style made it a landmark in the city, and to this day it stands out as an example of communal Soviet architecture. Cultural centres played an enormous role in Soviet life, with most towns and cities across the socialist republics being home to one. The cultural centre in Zelongrad, though, was particularly large, and particularly central to life in the city; the centre contained a cinema with a 1000 seats, a theatre with 760 seats, a disco hall with capacity for up to 220 people, and the lecture room with 80 seats.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the culture centre was incorporated into the Moscow state cultural institutions, under who’s jurisdiction it remains today. Every year the city enjoys nearly half a million visitors, which is approximately double the number of people who actually live in Zeleonograd.

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